One week into weight loss

Weight loss journey week one

So I’m one week in and three pounds down. Did I want more? Of course I did but I have to remember that my goal is two pounds a week and I’m 150% over my goal.

Successful week

I’m feeling successful because I was able to resist the Krispy Kreme donuts that have been floating around the office all week. And I didn’t partake in any of the leftover pizza from yesterday’s appreciation lunch. Just had my vegetables for lunch with no cornbread and my yogurt for snack.

Starting week two

I have to keep it up. Probably going shopping today and get some lunch out. Gotta be a good boy. I also have to try and plan my lunches for the week as so to not get bored of the same ol’ same ol’ and wind up eating something I shouldn’t. If it wasn’t so damn hot I would take a sandwich and eat in the car. Maybe can figure out a shady place I can go to or a while.

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